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What we are doing at Zinc

November 28, 2019

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Uh, hi!

So, recently I got featured in “El Periodico” funny titles aside, Is about what I̶’̶m̶ doing at Zinc. We, because alone you can’t get very far.

Since I thought I might be the best at explaining what we do, I’m writing these few words. Also, I realize only 5% of the world population speaks Spanish. The more the merrier. :)

Zinc is a startup incubator with the aim of creating high tech companies with a social impact. They structure their cohorts around missions, which all the resulting companies are focusing on solving. Still these missions are broad enough to allow for creativity to arise. The current mission and the one I’m part of is to “Add five high-quality years to later life”.

The cohort is full of smart people, great ideas floating around and a big pool of talent. Everyone comes from very different backgrounds, doctors, engineers, business people, social sciences… you name it. Also, everyone could get a high paying job, but we choose to be there. Very interesting mix indeed.

We are at the beginning of month 3, which is still part of the team-making phase. Our day to day revolves around working with fellow cohort members, iterating fast, see if we work well together if our interests match and if our skill-sets add up for the better. In other words, lots of fun!

Don’t get me wrong, fun doesn’t mean easy. Trying to come up with a solution, that people would use, that can make some money and that is feasible to get to market; it’s nothing easy. I find myself out of my comfort zone quite often.

Anyway, I got lucky enough to find a few people I like working with and a problem that I believe we can get a bite at.

Main idea is to keep post-surgical patients engaged with their recovery process so that they can improve their chances of a positive outcome.

Part of the process is to get input from experts/users/patients/family/friends/strangers/you and keep challenging the idea until we hit the right spot. So yes, this idea and our potential solution change very frequently and rapidly. We have days where we think our solution is the next unicorn and days that seem like we are stuck in a dead-end. It’s never a dead end, usual startup game.

So please, this is my attempt at having an online presence. I’d be really happy to get some advice, even if it’s only grammar.

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